Arthur Greenslade

nato 1923

morto 2003

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Arthur Greenslade

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Arthur Greenslade (4 May 1923   27 November 2003) was a British conductor and arranger for films and television as well as for a number of performers.

Greenslade was born in Northfleet, Kent. In the 1950s he was pianist and arranger with the Oscar Rabin Band. He has arranged for Jack Jones, Chris Farlowe, Serge Gainsbourg, Genesis, Cat Stevens, Diana Ross, Dusty Springfield, The Bachelors, and Kinderjazz. For Shirley Bassey he famously arranged Goldfinger and Send in the Clowns. He has conducted orchestras in the Hollywood Bowl and Carnegie Hall, and was Bassey's musical director[1].

With Andrew Oldham he wrote Headlines, the B-side of Ride On Baby (IM 038), by Chris Farlowe, which was released in 1966.

Greenslade also conducted some "easy listening" classics. He conducted the orchestra for Rod McKuen's first television special, which aired on NBC in May 1969.[1]

He was most active in the 1960s and 1970s. he died, aged 80, in Sydney, Australia.


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