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Vic Juris

Vic Juris

nato il 29.9.1953 a New Jersey, Stati Uniti d'America

morto il 31.12.2019

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Vic Juris

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Victor E. Jurusz, Jr., known professionally as Vic Juris (b. September 26, 1953, New Jersey) is an American jazz guitarist.

Juris played with Lyn Christie early in the 1970s and made his first recordings with Eric Kloss in 1975. Soon after he joined Barry Miles (musician)'s group, remaining with Miles well into the 1980s. He recorded with Richie Cole during 1976-78 and released his first albums as a leader in the late 1970s. He then played with Don Patterson (1977), Wild Bill Davis, Jimmy Smith, and Mel Torme (1977). He put together his own quartet in 1981. Later in the 1980s he played with Bireli Lagrene (1985), Larry Coryell (1985-86), Richie Cole again (from 1986), and John Etheridge (1988). In the 1990s, he became increasingly active as a sideman, working with Dave Liebman (1991-97), Ron McClure (1992), Lee Konitz and Peggy Stern (1992), Benny Waters (1993), Jeanie Bryson (1993-94), Gary Peacock (since 1994), Steve LaSpina (since 1995), Judi Silvano (1996), Ken Serio (1996, 2007) and Joe Locke (1998).

His song "Horizon Drive" was sampled by Gang Starr in 1994 for the song "Mass Appeal" though Juris was not paid for its use.

Juris has held teaching positions at The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music, Mason Gross School of the Arts, William Paterson University and Lehigh University.


As leader

  • Roadsong (Muse Records, 1979)
  • Horizon Drive (Muse, 1979)
  • Bleecker Street (Muse, 1981)
  • Night Tripper (Steeplechase Records, 1994)
  • Pastels (Steeplechase, 1996)
  • Music of Alex Wilder (Double-Time, 1996)
  • Moonscape (Steeplechase, 1996)
  • Remembering Eric Dolphy (Steeplechase, 2000)
  • Songbook (Steeplechase, 2001)
  • Songbook 2 (Steeplechase, 2002)
  • While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Steeplechase, 2004)
  • Blue Horizon (Zoho Music, 2004)
  • A Second Look (Mel Bay, 2005)
  • Journey (Jardis Records, 2005)
  • Bohemia (Jazzpoint, 2006)

As sideman

With Eric Kloss

  • Bodies' Warmth (Muse, 1974)

With Don Patterson

  • Movin' Up! (Muse, 1977)


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