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John Sheridan

John Sheridan

nato il 20.1.1946 a Columbus, OH, Stati Uniti d'America

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John Sheridan (jazz)

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John Sheridan (jazz)

John Sheridan (born January 20 1946) is an American jazz pianist and arranger born in Columbus, Ohio, perhaps best known for his work with the Jim Cullum Jazz Band.[1]


In 1977 Sheridan received a Master of Music degree from the North Texas State University, and two years later joined the Jim Cullum Jazz Band as an arranger and performer. In 2002 Sheridan left the band and has been doing freelance work, also recording for the Arbors Records jazz record label.[1]

Select discography

As bandleader

  • Swing is Still the King (Arbors Records)
  • Artistry (Arbors Records)
  • Get Rhythm In Your Feet (Arbors Records)
  • Dream Band, Make Me Dream Some More (Arbors Records)

As a soloist

  • They Can't Take That Away From Me (Arbors Records)

With Allan Vache

  • With Benny In Mind (Arbors Records)

With Randy Reinhart

  • Randy Reinhart at the Mill Hill Playhouse: As Long As I Live (Arbors Records)


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