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Andrew Borger

nato a Littleton, CO, Stati Uniti d'America

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Andrew Borger

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Andrew Borger

Andrew Borger is an American drummer.


Born in Colorado, Andrew Borger played extensively in San Francisco Bay Area club scene before being recognized by Tom Waits[1] and eventually Norah Jones. Andrew's flair for percussion includes not only kit drums, but tablas, maracas, pots & pans,[2] and he has even been known to solo on his snare box (not the drum, but the box). Andrew is featured in the DVD Norah Jones & the Handsome Band: Live in 2004[3]

Today he lives in Brooklyn, NY and plays with Norah Jones, Jesse Harris, and the Take-out Kings, amongst others.

Andrew played drums with Ani DiFranco on her 2010 tour.

He is currently playing drums with Marco Benevento on his 2012 tour.


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