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Leroy "Hog" Cooper

nato il 31.8.1928 a Dallas, TX, Stati Uniti d'America

morto il 15.1.2009 a Orlando, FL, Stati Uniti d'America

Alias Leroy Cooper

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Leroy Cooper (musician)

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Leroy "Hog" Cooper (August 31, 1928 – January 15, 2009) was a jazz and R&B baritone saxophonist, most known for his 20-year association, some of the time as musical director/bandleader, with Ray Charles.

From 1948 to 1951, Cooper toured with Ernie Fields' territory band.[1]

A childhood friend of David "Fathead" Newman, in 1954 the two played together in the sax section backing Lowell Fulson on his first single for Chess Records, "Reconsider Baby".[2]

In 1957, Newman recommended Cooper to Charles,[3] who joined Charles' band the same summer as bassist Edgar Willis, both musicians staying on with Charles for some twenty years.[4]

Cooper also played, recorded or toured with Lightnin' Hopkins,[5] Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown,[6] Lowell Fulson, the Righteous Brothers,[7] Dr. John, Del Shannon,[8] Bobby Short,[9] and Joe Cocker.[3] Performed locally in Orlando till the time of his death with the Smokin' Torpedoes & Josh Miller Blues Band.


As sideman

with Ray Charles
with Hank Crawford
  • 1960: More Soul
  • 1962: From the Heart
  • 2000: Low Flame, High Heat
  • 1954: "Reconsider Baby" – Lowell Fulson (Chess)
  • 1975: Hollywood Be Thy Name – Dr. John
  • 1978: Luxury You Can Afford – Joe Cocker
  • 1988: Big News from Baton Rouge!! – Kenny Neal
  • 1990: Return to the Wide Open Spaces – David Newman
  • 1990: Noble & Nat – Noble "Thin Man" Watts and Nat Adderley
  • 1991: Walking on Fire – Kenny Neal


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