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Adam Levy

Adam Levy

nato il 27.11.1966 a New Orleans, LA, Stati Uniti d'America

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Adam Levy

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Adam Levy

Adam Levy is an accomplished jazz guitarist/singer-songwriter and a writer/artist for Universal Music Publishing Group. Levy has recorded with Norah Jones (with a six-year stint touring as a member of her Handsome Band), Tracy Chapman, Sex Mob, Shelley Segal and Amos Lee, and has released several solo albums as well. The Heart Collector is his latest studio album.

Levy is also a freelance journalist. His work has appeared in Acoustic Guitar, Guitar Player, and other publications.


  • With My Guitar and You (2001) - Adam Levy & George Wyle (Levy's grandfather)
  • Buttermilk Channel (14 August 2001)
  • Get Your Glow On (8 April 2003)
  • Loose RhymesLive on Ludlow Street (11 July 2006)
  • Washing Day (14 August 2007)
  • "Got My Joy" (single; 25 November 2010) - Adam Levy & The Mint Imperials
  • The Heart Collector (14 February 2011)
  • Live from Sun Studios (8 February 2012) - Adam Levy & The Mint Imperials
  • Little March (1 March 2013) - Shelley Segal & Adam Levy

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