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Don't Change Me Now

Mavis Staples

Don't Change Me Now

Casa discografica Stax Records; Concord Music; Universal / CDSX 014

Anno di produzione 1988

1. Ready for the heartbreak
2. Sweet things you do
3. You're driving me (to the arms of a stranger)
4. The chokin' kind
5. A house is not a home
7. Pick up the pieces
8. Good to me
9. You send me
10. I'm tired
11. Why can't it be like it used to be
12. Chains of love
13. You're all I need
14. I have learned to do without you
15. How many times
16. Endlessly
17. You're the fool
18. Since I fell for you
19. What happened to the real me
20. Since you became a part of my life
21. It makes me wanna cry
22. Don't change me now