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Gershwin & The Klezmer

Giora Feidman Trio

Gershwin & The Klezmer

Casa discografica Pläne / 88717

Anno di produzione 1991

George Gershwin
(dall:) Aus der Revue: Sinbad
1. Swanee
2. Ballad for a Klezmer
3. Babsi's decision
The Goldwyn Follies (1938) (Film)
4. Our love is here to stay
Gustav Mahler
(dall:) Aus: Sinfonie Nr 1 D-dur
5. Theme from Mahler's 1st symphony (2nd movement)
Enemies, a love story (1990) (Film)
6. Enemies, a love story. Main theme. Hauptthema
7. Edna's Nigun
8. Three times Gershwin : 1. Strike up the band 2. I got rhythm 3. Fascinating rhythm
9. Ora's freilach
George Gershwin
(dall:) Porgy and Bess. Opera in 3 atti
10. Bess, you is my woman
12. Nardis
13. This is my song
14. The dance of joy
15. Shpiel Klezmer, shpiel