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After Hour Joint

Blue Flagships feat. Jimmy Coe

After Hour Joint


Interprètes Jimmy Coe (tenor sax)
Red Holloway (speaking man voice)
Rusty Zinn (speaking man voice)
Blue Flagships

Auteurs Jimmy Coe Earl Walker Palmer John Witcliff

Date d'enregistrement 12. septembre 2002 (live)


After Hour Joints

Blue Flagships, Rusty Zinn, Jimmy Coe, Christina Jaccard

After Hour Joints

Label Elite Special Jazz / ES 73749

Année de production 2007

1. That'll Get It
2. Don't Blame Shorty For That
3. Blue Ivories
4. Papa Ain't Salty
6. Freddie's Lack
7. It's Love Baby (24 Hours A Day)
8. Easy Bay Stroll
9. Goin' Home
12. Cry Hard Luck
13. I Sat And Cried
14. Boogie Woogie Country Girl
15. Tina's Canteen
16. That Little Town Rocks