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Day In, Day Out

Nancy Wilson with All-Star Big Band

Day In, Day Out


Interprètes Nancy Wilson (vocals)
All-Star Big Band
- Mike Tomaro (clarinet, alto sax)
- Andres Boiarsky (alto sax, flute)
- Andy Snitzer (tenor sax, clarinet, alto sax)
- Eric DeFade (tenor sax, flute)
- Jim Germann (baritone sax, bass clarinet)
- Jim Hynes (trumpet)
- Bob Millikan (trumpet)
- Steve Hawk (trumpet)
- Dennis Reynolds (trumpet)
- Mike Davis (Trombone)
- Jay Ashby (Trombone)
- Gary Piecka (bass trombone)
- Max Seigel (bass trombone)
- Marty Ashby (guitar)
- Llew Matthews (piano)
- Rufus Reid (Double Bass)
- Lewis Nash (drums)

Auteurs Rube Bloom Johnny Mercer John Wilson

Date d'enregistrement ca 2004


R.S.V.P. Rare Songs, Very Personal

Nancy Wilson, All-Star Big Band

R.S.V.P. Rare Songs, Very Personal

Label Manchester Craftsmen's Guild / MCGJ1013

Année de production 2004

1. An Older Man Is Like an Elegant Wine   
3. Why Did I Choose You   
4. I Wish I'd Met You   
5. I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart   
6. Goodbye   
7. How About Me   
8. Minds of Their Own (Dois Corregos)
9. Little Green Apples   
10. You'll See   
11. That's All   
12. Blame It on My Youth