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Mr. Weatherman

Elisabeth C. Brown & The Horny Bees

Mr. Weatherman


Interprètes Bee Bee Honey
- Elizabeth C. Brown (percussion, lead vocals)
- Christophe Bovet (percussion, guitars)
- Peter Wagner (piano, keyboards)
- Alain Guy (synthesizer, hammond)
- Betov N. (synthesizer)
- Mimmo Pisino (fretless bass)
- Daniel Spahni (drums)
- Cosimo Lampis (percussion)
Horny Bees
- Niels Sörensen (tenor sax, alto sax)
- Jean-François Solange (trumpet)
- David Burckhardt (Trombone)

Auteurs Christophe Bovet Elizabeth Brown

Date d'enregistrement ca 1992



Bee Bee Honey


Label Aurophon / CD AU 32124

Année de production 1992

1. Fe Fi Fo Funk
2. This Is War
3. She's Unstoppable
4. State Of Confusion
5. Dreamin'
8. To Be Or Not = 2 B Or Not (Orig.) = To be or not
9. Madness
10. Make Your Day (Let Me)
11. My Favorite Playthangs
12. Walk Toward The Sun
13. I'm Not Going Back Home