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Isolina Carrillo

Isolina Carrillo

Date de naissance 9.12.1907 à La Habana, Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba

Date de décès 21.2.1996 à La Habana, Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba

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Isolina Carrillo

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Isolina Carrillo
Born December 9, 1907
Havana, Cuba
Died February 21, 1996
Havana, Cuba

Isolina Carrillo ( December 9, 1907 in Havana, Cuba - February 21, 1996 in Havana, Cuba) was an outstanding composer, music and singer of Cuban pop music.

At the age of eleven she made her musical debut replacing a pianist that called in sick in her fathers orchestra. She came from a family very musical family related to music her brothers and father were musicians. She studied in the Municipal Conservatory of Havana.

In the 1940s is where she reached her greatest recognition as composer of boleros, guarachas and sons. Her songs included Fiesta de Besos, Canción sin Amor, Increíble and possibly the most famous of all her works, Dos Gardenias composed in 1947 . This last composition has been interpreted by many singers such as Daniel Santos, Antonio Machin, Pedro Vargas, Maria Rita, among others.


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