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Lynne Arriale

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Lynne Arriale

Lynne Arriale (born May 29, 1957) is an American jazz pianist. She was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She received her Master's Degree from the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music and in her initial training was classical. However her interest in the works of Keith Jarrett and Herbie Hancock led her to jazz. She gained renown in the 1990s with her collaborator, drummer Steve Davis. Arriale first came to prominence when she won the 1993 International Great American Jazz Piano Competition and performed at the Jacksonville Jazz Festival. Lynne is currently professor of jazz piano at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, Florida.


  • The Eyes Have It (1994, Digital Music Prod.)
  • When You Listen (1995, Digital Music Prod.)
  • With Words Unspoken (1996, Digital Music Prod.)
  • Long Road Home (1998, Tcb Music)
  • Melody (1999, Tcb Music)
  • Live at the Montreux Jazz Festival (2000, Tcb Music)
  • Inspiration (2002, Tcb Music)
  • Come Together (2004, Motéma)
  • Arise (2005, Motéma)
  • Lynne Arriale Trio Live (2006, Motéma)
  • Nuance (2009, Motéma)
  • Convergence (2011, Motéma)
  • Solo (2012, Motéma)

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