Music jury

The Radio Swiss Jazz programme entitled "This week in the Music Jury" is taking its summer break.

A successful radio programme relies on feedback from the target group. We are therefore pleased to receive helpful suggestions from our listeners. As a member of the jury of Radio Swiss Jazz you can actively participate by voting on the musicians, albums or songs that we should include in our music programme in the future.

Every week on the show This Week in the Music Jury we present about a dozen titles that we want to add to our programme.

You will receive an e-mail with a link to the current voting session, where you can listen to and evaluate the music excerpts of the titles being reviewed. The names of the artists are intentionally omitted in the voting phase, in order to obtain an impartial rating of the songs.

After you have finished voting, you can hear the outcome of the vote during the programme «Music Jury Hit Parade». We also publish the results of each vote, along with any comments down below.

Under the programme schedule you can see when the Music Jury programmes are broadcast.


Musical Jury: Results from 22.06. to 28.06.2017