Music jury

We are interested in your opinion. As a member of the Radio Swiss Jazz Music Jury you can help decide which titles we should play more or less often in our music programme. Our music department puts together a weekly selection for you to evaluate. Every listener can become a member of the Jury.

Every week, you will receive an email with a link to the current voting session. Our selection not only comprises twelve new titles and covers, but it also includes older songs in the programme.

The link takes you to the voting form. You can listen to an excerpt of the title by clicking on the headphone symbol. Rate the song on the rating scale, leave a comment and decide whether you would like to hear the song more or less often. You will also find information about when the title will be played in case you would like to listen to the whole song to help you evaluate it.

We publish the results along with any comments down below.

Complete this form to become a member of the Music Jury.

Personal details provided on your registration form help us to further evaluate our music programme. We will not pass on your personal details and will only use them for internal purposes.


The Music Jury results from 20.12. to 26.12.2018