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Möni Stomp

Teddy Stauffer's Original Teddies

Möni Stomp


Performers Original Teddies / Saxophon Quartett
- Eddie Brunner (tenor sax)
- Ernst Höllerhagen (clarinet, alto sax)
- Bertalan Bujka (alto sax)
- Denis Chapelet (alto sax)
- Billy Toffel (guitar)
- Hans "Buddy" Bertinat (piano)
- Dolf Zinstag (double bass)
- Polly Guggisberg (drums)

Composers Eddie Brunner

Date of recording May 1941

Programme schedule

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In The Mood

Teddy Stauffer's Original Teddies, Original Teddies / Saxophon Quartett, Teddy Stauffer und seine "Original Teddies"

In The Mood

Record Label Universal / 06025 1709296

Year of production 2008

1. Jitterbug's Idea   
2. Stop, It's Wonderful   
3. It's a Hap-Hap-Happy Day   
4. Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny, Oh!   
5. Begin the Beguine   
6. In the Mood   
8. I Can't Love You Any More   
9. You Can't Brush Me Off   
10. Tiger Rag   
11. Dilemma Foxtrott   
12. Practice Makes Perfect   
13. Avalon   
14. Bugle Call Rag   
15. Wednesday Night Hop   
16. Shine   
17. Sheik of Araby   
18. Fools Rush In (Where Angels Fear to Tread)   
20. Lucky Day   
21. Caravan   
22. Boggie Woogie Bugle Boy   
23. After You've Gone   
24. Number Ten Lullaby Lane