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Boo's Tune

James Moody

Boo's Tune


Performers James Moody (flute)
Johnny Coles (trumpet)
William Shepherd (Trombone)
Numa "Pee Wee" Moore (baritone sax)
Jimmy Boyd (piano)
John Lathan (Double Bass, bass)
Clarence Johnston (Drums, drums)

Composers Florence Pleasant

Date of recording at about April 1956


Return From Overbrook

James Moody, Eddie Jefferson

Return From Overbrook

Record Label Chess / 18102

Year of production 1996

1. Last Train From Overbrook
2. Don't Worry 'Bout Me
3. Why Don't You?
4. I'm Free = What's New (Orig.)
5. Tico-Tico
6. There She Goes
8. Brother Yusef
9. Yvonne
10. The Moody One
11. Flute 'N The Blues
12. Birdland Story
13. It Could Happen To You
14. I Cover The Waterfront
15. Body And Soul
16. Breaking The Blues
17. Parker's Mood
18. Easy Living
20. Richard's Blues