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All My Life

Charles Brown

All My Life


Performers Charles Brown (piano, vocals)
Danny Caron (guitar)
Clifford Solomon (tambourine, tenor sax, alto sax)
Earl May (Double Bass, bass)
Keith Copeland (Drums, drums)

Composers Sidney D. Mitchell Sam H. Stept Charles Brown Danny Caron Dr. John Clifford Solomon Ron Levy Sidney Mitchell Sam Stepp

Date of recording 1990


All My Life

Charles Brown, Ruth Brown

All My Life

Record Label Network / NET CD 9501

Year of production 1990

1. Early In The Morning
2. Fool's Paradise
4. When The Sun Comes Out
5. Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen
6. That's A Pretty Good Love
7. A Virus Called The Blues
10. Trouble Blues
11. Tell Me Who
13. Too Late