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Yo Yo

Bob Cooper Quartet

Yo Yo


Performers Bob Cooper Quartet
Bob Cooper (tenor sax)
Carl Schroeder (piano)
Bob Magnusson (Double Bass)
Jimmie Smith (drums)

Composers Bob Cooper

Date of recording 6 May 1979


Tenor Sax Jazz Impressions

Bob Cooper Quintet, Bob Cooper Quartet

Tenor Sax Jazz Impressions

Record Label Trend Records / TRCD-543

Year of production 1987

1. Fagin
2. Out of this world
3. Kissing bug
4. Chu
6. Punkin' head
7. We'll be together again
8. Juarez saturday night
9. Indy 500
10. True grits
11. Fat tuesday (Mardi gras)
12. I've got the world on a string