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A Gal In Calico

John Sheridan & His Dream Band

A Gal In Calico


Performers John Sheridan & His Dream Band
- John Sheridan (piano)
- Phil Flanigan (bass, double bass)
- Eddie Metz Jr. (Drums, drums)
- Reuben Ristrom (Elektrogitarre, guitar)
Randy Reinhart (cornet)
Rudd Phillips (trombone)
Ron Hockett (clarinet)
Brian Ogilvie (tenor sax)

Composers Arthur Schwartz Leo Robin John Sheridan

Date of recording 19 January 2002 - 20 January 2002

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Get Rhythm In Your Feet

John Sheridan & His Dream Band, Becky Kilgore

Get Rhythm In Your Feet

Record Label Arbors Records, Inc. / ARCD 19262

Year of production 2002

1. Stop, look and listen
3. Indian Summer
4. I love my baby
7. Humpty dumpty heart
10. I'm in the mood for love
14. My extraordinary gal
15. Walkin' by the river
16. The Dixieland Band