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Ghost Of A Chance

Milt Buckner & Hal Singer

Ghost Of A Chance


Performers Milt Buckner (organ)
Hal Singer (tenor sax)
Wallace Bishop (drums)
Tiny Grimes (guitar)

Composers Victor Young Ned Washington Bing Crosby

Date of recording 31 July 1968

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Played last 22/02/2018 21:40


Milt & Hal

Milt Buckner, Hal Singer

Milt & Hal

Record Label Black & Blue Sarl / BB 987.2

Year of production 2004

1. Milt & Hal   
2. Time For Dreams   
4. There's A Small Hotel   
6. The Blues Is Mine   
7. Milt & Hal (Take 3)   
8. Pick Yourself Up   
9. Little Miss Maudlin   
10. There's A Small Hotel