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I Wish I Knew

Martin Albrecht Quartet

I Wish I Knew


Performers Martin Albrecht Quartet
- Martin Albrecht (double bass)
- Beat Meier (tenor sax)
- David "Dave" Ruosch (piano)
- Thomas Zingg (drums)

Composers Mack Gordon Harry Warren

Date of recording 24 April 1993 - 25 April 1993

Programme schedule

Played last 15/12/2018 02:22

Played next around 19/12/2018 at about 15:25


First Edition

Martin Albrecht Quartet, Martin Albrecht Quartet / Memb., Bernita Bush

First Edition

Record Label Eigenvertrieb / Alma Nr.A-1303

Year of production 1993

1. Heartaches
8. Centerpiece
10. Bass Picker's Blues
11. God Bless Les