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A Cryin' Shame

Cleo Laine

A Cryin' Shame


Performers Cleo Laine (vocals)
Unbekannt (vocals)
John Dankworth (alto sax)
Ray Loeckle (tenor sax)
Larry Dunlap (piano)
Mark Whitfield (electric guitar)
Rich Girard (Double Bass)
Jim Zimmerman (drums)
Allen Smith (trumpet)
Dean Hubbard (Trombone)

Composers John Dankworth

Date of recording 23 November 1992
25 November 1992
11 December 1992
14 December 1992


Blue And Sentimental

Cleo Laine, Unbekannt

Blue And Sentimental

Record Label RCA (Radio Corporation Of America) / 09026 61419 2

Year of production 1994

1. The lies of handsome men   
2. I've got a crush on you   
3. Blue and sentimental   
4. Afterglow   
5. Not you again   
6. Primrose colour blue   
7. What'll I do   
8. Love me (If it takes you all night long)   
9. Creole love call   
10. Dreamsville   
12. Love comes and goes   
13. Soft Pedal Blues