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People Like You And Me

Becky Kilgore & John Sheridan And His Dream Band

People Like You And Me


Performers Becky Kilgore (vocals)
John Sheridan & His Dream Band
- John Sheridan (piano)
- Phil Flanigan (Double Bass, bass)
- Eddie Metz Jr. (Drums, drums)
Randy Reinhart (cornet)
Rudd Phillips (Trombone)
Ron Hockett (clarinet)
Brian Ogilvie (tenor sax)
Reuben Ristrom (Elektrogitarre)

Composers Harry Warren Mack Gordon John Sheridan

Date of recording 19 January 2002 - 20 January 2002


Get Rhythm In Your Feet

John Sheridan & His Dream Band, Becky Kilgore

Get Rhythm In Your Feet

Record Label Arbors Records, Inc. / ARCD 19262

Year of production 2002

1. Stop, look and listen
3. Indian Summer
4. I love my baby
7. Humpty dumpty heart
10. I'm in the mood for love
14. My extraordinary gal
15. Walkin' by the river
16. The Dixieland Band