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My Ideal

Harry "Sweets" Edison & Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis

My Ideal


Performers Harry "Sweets" Edison (trumpet)
Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis (tenor sax)
Dolo Coker (piano)
Harvey Newmark (bass)
Jimmie Smith (drums)

Composers Richard A. Whiting Leo Robin Newell Chase

Date of recording 22 September 1977

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Simply Sweets

Harry "Sweets" Edison, Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis

Simply Sweets

Record Label Pablo / PACD-2310-806-2

Year of production 1987

1. Dirty Butt Blues
3. One for the Count
5. Simly Sweets
6. Opus Funk
7. Lax
8. Miz Kitty's Blues