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Dear Old Stockholm (Ack varmeland du sköna)

Gianni Basso Quartet

Dear Old Stockholm (Ack varmeland du sköna)


Performers Gianni Basso Quartet
- Gianni Basso (tenor sax)
- Andrea Pozza (piano)
- Luciano Milanese (double bass)
- Massimo Manzi (drums)

Composers Traditional

Date of recording 8 May 2002

Programme schedule

Played last 11/10/2018 19:31

Played next around 20/10/2018 at about 10:30


For Lars Gullin (Swedish Genius)

Gianni Basso Quartet, Renato Sellani

For Lars Gullin (Swedish Genius)

Record Label Philology / W 210.2

Year of production 2002

2. Gabriella   
4. Dedicato per Renato Sellani   
5. Peter Of April   
8. Dedicato per Renato Sellani   
9. That's It   
10. I've Seen   
11. Silhouette   
12. Fata Morgana (Alternate Take)   
13. Gabriella (Alternate Take)