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Choo Choo Boogie

Hazy Osterwald

Choo Choo Boogie


Performers Hazy Osterwald (vibes)
Ernst Höllerhagen (clarinet)
Curt Prina (piano)
Sunny Lang (double bass)
John Ward (drums)
Dennis Armitage (percussion, Percussion)
John Ward (Drums)

Composers Hazy Osterwald

Date of recording 17 December 1952

Programme schedule

Played last 28/11/2018 12:30

Played next around 13/12/2018 at about 06:20


50 Years Of Music With A Touch Of Jazz

Hazy Osterwald, Ernst Höllerhagen

50 Years Of Music With A Touch Of Jazz

Record Label Strictly Jazz / 6260012

Year of production 1994

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