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Blues For Booty Green's

Roy Hargrove Quintet feat. Jack McDuff

Blues For Booty Green's


Performers Roy Hargrove Quintet
- Roy Hargrove (trumpet)
- Antonio Hart (alto sax)
- Marc Cary (piano)
- Rodney Whitaker (bass, double bass)
- Gregory Hutchinson (Drums, drums)
Jack "Brother" McDuff (organ)
Jack MacDuff (organ)

Composers Roy Hargrove

Date of recording January 1992

Programme schedule

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The vibe

Roy Hargrove Quintet

The vibe

Record Label Novus / PD90668

Year of production 1992

1. The vibe
2. Caryisms
3. Where were you?
4. Alter ego
5. The thang
6. Pinocchio
7. Milestones
10. Runnin' out of time = Runnin' out of time