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Love Me Like That

John "Juke" Logan with The Juke Rhythm Band

Love Me Like That


Performers John "Juke" Logan (organ, vocals, harmonica)
Juke Rhythm Band
- Rick Vito (guitar)
- Dan Durran
- Joe Yuele (drums)

Composers John "Juke" Logan

Date of recording 1995

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Juke Rhythm

John "Juke" Logan, Juke Rhythm Band

Juke Rhythm

Record Label Sky Ranch / 7243 8 40943 2 4

Year of production 1995

2. Dancin' on the edge of the razor blade
3. I don't know what I want (but I want it now)
5. Comb the streets
6. The blues hip hop
7. What's it gonna be
8. Juke's twist palace
9. Lone wolf
10. Don't let your mouth write a check (that your butt can't cash)
11. Twice pipes
12. The real feel (JRB theme), Parts 1 and 2
13. Lonely freedom