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Caught In Love

Till Brönner

Caught In Love


Performers Till Brönner (flugelhorn)
Walter Gauchel (tenor sax)
Hubert Nuss (piano)
Ingmar Heller (Double Bass)
Hans Dekker (Drums, drums)

Composers Till Brönner

Date of recording 17 January 1995 - 18 January 1995


My Secret Love

Till Brönner, Annette Lowman

My Secret Love

Record Label Minor Music Records GmbH / CD MM 801051

Year of production 1995

1. Mer losse d'r Dom in Kölle (Cologne Carnival Song) = Mer losse d'r Dom in Kölle = Wir lassen den Dom in Köln) (Cologne Carnival song)
5. Give Him What He Wants
6. Manteca
7. For All We Know
8. Screwed Up
10. How Long Has This Been Going On