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Mary Ann

Poncho Sanchez & Ray Charles

Mary Ann


Performers Poncho Sanchez (percussion, conga, Percussion)
Tony Banda (e-bass, background voice, Elektrischer Bass)
Dave Spalding (harmonica)
Sal Vasquez (percussion, background voice, Percussion)
Fred Wesley (trombone)
Francisco Torres (background voice, trombone)
Scott Martin (baritone sax, saxophone)
Ray Charles (vocals)
David Torres (keyboard)
Pee Wee Ellis (tenor sax)
George Ortiz (timbales)
Serafin Aguilar (trumpet)

Composers Ray Charles

Date of recording 3 March 2003 - 5 March 2003

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Out Of Sight

Poncho Sanchez, Pee Wee Ellis, Fred Wesley

Out Of Sight

Record Label Concord / SACD-1031-6

Year of production 2003

3. Hitch It to the Horse   
4. Saints & Sinners   
6. Not Necessarily   
7. Conmigo   
8. JB's Strut   
10. El Tambor del Mongo