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Tennessee Waltz

Joel Harrison & Norah Jones

Tennessee Waltz


Performers Joel Harrison (guitar)
Norah Jones (vocals)
David Binney (saxophone)
Rob Thomas (violin)
Tony Cedras (accordion)
Sean Conly (double bass)
Alison Miller (drums)

Composers Pee Wee King Redd Stewart Joel Harrison

Date of recording January 2002
January 2003

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Free Country

Norah Jones, Joel Harisson, Jen Chapin, Joel Harrison, Raz Kennedy

Free Country

Record Label Act Music+Vision / ACT 9419-2

Year of production 2003

1. I walk the line   
2. Lonesome road blues   
3. Wayfaring stranger   
4. This land is your land   
5. Twelve gates to the city   
7. Hell broke loose in Georgia   
8. Folsom prison blues   
9. tender years   
10. Will the circle be unbroken   
11. Sing me back home   
12. Lone pilgrim