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My Old Flame

Franco Ambrosetti

My Old Flame


Performers Franco Ambrosetti (trumpet)
Franco D'Andrea (piano)
Giorgio Azzolini (double bass)
Franco Mondini (Drums, drums)

Composers Sam Coslow Arthur Johnston

Date of recording 26 February 1965

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Played last 11/11/2017 00:18


A Jazz Portrait Of Franco Ambrosetti

Franco Ambrosetti, Franco D'Andrea

A Jazz Portrait Of Franco Ambrosetti

Record Label Right Tempo / RTCL 812 SH

1. Enriquete
2. Blue in green
3. My shining hour
5. Bye bye blackbird
6. Like Someone In Love
7. Minority
8. Blue in green (seconda)
9. Blue in green (terza)
10. My shining hour (seconda)
11. My shining hour (terza)
12. My old flame (seconda)
13. Bye bye blackbird (seconda)
14. Like Someone In Love (seconda)
15. Like Someone In Love (terza)
16. Minority (seconda)