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Embraceable You

Chucho Valdes

Embraceable You


Performers Chucho Valdés (piano)
Francisco Rubio Pampin (double bass)
Raúl Pineda Roque (Drums, drums)
Roberto Vizcaino Guillot (percussion, Percussion)

Composers George Gershwin Ira Gershwin

Date of recording 23 November 1998 - 25 November 1998

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Played last 14/01/2018 21:47

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Briyumba Palo Congo

Chucho Valdés

Briyumba Palo Congo

Record Label Blue Note / 498917 2

Year of production 1999

Chucho Valdés
(extract:) Misa negra
1. El rumbón (The party)   
2. Bolero (Ballad)   
3. Caravan   
5. Ponle la clave (Put the time on it)   
7. Briyumba Palo Congo (Religion of the Congo)