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Funky Butt

Clark Terry feat. Al Grey

Funky Butt


Performers Clark Terry (trumpet, flugelhorn)
Al Grey (Trombone)
Charles Fox (piano)
Marcus McLaurine (Double Bass)

Composers Clark Terry

Date of recording 13 May 1994


Shades Of Blues

Clark Terry, Al Grey

Shades Of Blues

Record Label Challenge Records / CHR 70007

Year of production 1994

1. Hip Hat Blues
2. Sluggo
3. Salty Mama
4. The View From Glencove
5. Whispering The Blues
6. Cool Vibes
7. Greazy Blues
9. Parker's Mood
10. Hootie Blues = Hooties Blues = Hootie Blues (Orig.)
11. Saint Louis Blues = St. Louis Blues