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St. Louis Blues

Hot Strings feat. Fred Böhler

St. Louis Blues


Performers Hot Strings
Fere Scheidegger (acoustic guitar)
Josef Schibig (acoustic guitar)
Jacques Vaney (acoustic guitar)
Thomas Dürst (double bass)
Martin Abbuehl (violin)
Fred Böhler (piano)

Composers William Christopher "W. C." Handy

Date of recording 22 February 1993 - 24 February 1993

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I Saw Stars

Hot Strings

I Saw Stars

Record Label Boota Lizar Records / BLR 9309

Year of production 1993

1. Swing from Bern with love
3. Palais des fourmis
6. Bistrot Monbijou
9. I'gonna sit right down and write myself a letter
10. It don't mean a thing
12. Dinah
13. Lundi soir
14. Honeysuckle rose
18. Some of these days