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Blue Skies

Hot Strings feat. Fred Böhler

Blue Skies


Performers Hot Strings
- Fere Scheidegger (acoustic guitar)
- Josef Schibig (acoustic guitar)
- Jacques Vaney (acoustic guitar)
- Martin Abbuehl (violin)
- Thomas Dürst (double bass)
Fred Böhler (piano)

Composers Irving Berlin

Date of recording 22 February 1993 - 24 February 1993

Programme schedule

Played last 20/02/2018 14:13

Played next around 03/03/2018 at about 11:30


I Saw Stars

Hot Strings

I Saw Stars

Record Label Boota Lizar Records / BLR 9309

Year of production 1993

1. Swing From Bern With Love
3. Palais des fourmis
6. Bistrot Monbijou
9. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter
10. It Don't Mean A Thing
12. Dinah
13. Lundi soir
14. Honeysuckle Rose
18. Some Of These Days