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Part III: Just Right Mama

Horace Silver

Part III: Just Right Mama


Performers Horace Silver Quintet
- Horace Silver (piano)
- Ryan Kisor (trumpet)
- Jimmy Greene (tenor sax)
- John Webber (double bass)
- Willie Jones III (drums)
Willie Jones (Drums)

Composers Horace Silver

Date of recording 17 December 1998
18 December 1998

Programme schedule

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Jazz Has A Sense Of Humour

Horace Silver Quintet

Jazz Has A Sense Of Humour

Record Label Verve / 050293-2

Year of production 1999

1. Satisfaction guaranteed   
Horace Silver
The Mama Suite, für Jazzensemble
2. 1. Not enough Mama   
3. 2. Too much mama   
5. Philley Millie   
6. Ah-ma-tell   
7. I love Annie's fanny   
8. Gloria