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Makin' Whoopee

Christina Elisabeth Jaccard

Makin' Whoopee


Performers Christina Jaccard (vocals)
David "Dave" Ruosch (piano)
Dave Ruosch (piano)

Composers Walter Donaldson Gus Kahn

Date of recording 1993

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Take Me Blues

Christina Jaccard, David "Dave" Ruosch

Take Me Blues

Record Label Zebras Records / RJ 6352

Year of production 1993

2. Dr. Feelgood
3. I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free
4. Jailhouse Blues
5. Rough Lover
6. Blue Day
7. Blue Night Boogie
10. Fine And Mellow
12. The U.N. Blues
13. Requiem For Elvis
14. Take Me Blues