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Okky Dokky

Billy Cobham Drum'n'Voice feat. Randy Brecker

Okky Dokky


Performers Billy Cobham Drum'n'Voice
- Billy Cobham (drums)
- Pino Nicolosi (piano, e-piano, keyboards, hammond)
- Lino Nicolosi (guitars)
- Rossana Nicolosi (e-bass)
- Marco Fadda (percussion)
- Randy Brecker (trumpet)
- Leonardo Govin (trombone)
- Emanuele Cisi (soprano sax)
- Amik Guerra (trumpet)
- Fabrizio Bosso (flugelhorn)

Composers Billy Cobham Nicolosi Pino Nicolosi Lino Nicolosi

Date of recording 2001

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Played last 01/11/2018 18:16

Played next around 18/11/2018 at about 12:10


Drum'n'Voice. All That Groove

Billy Cobham Drum'n'Voice

Drum'n'Voice. All That Groove

Record Label JustGroove / 5052642

Year of production 2001

1. Africa's Sounds
2. Shadow
3. Red Baron
5. Jah Spirit
6. I Want You Back
7. Sensations
8. Leaving Now
9. Hands Up!
10. Now That You've Gone