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Don't Touch Me Baby

Johnny and the Dreamers

Don't Touch Me Baby


Performers Johnny And The Dreamers
- Johann Mürner (vocals, electric guitar)
- Fritz Glauser (vocals, electric guitar)
- J. P. Berchier (e-bass, vocals)
- Andy Niklaus (vocals, drums)
Reto Schiegg (keyboards)
Stefan W. Müller (keyboards)
Heinz Palecek (keyboards)

Composers Robert Cray

Date of recording at about 1994 (live)


Trails Of Troubles

Johnny And The Dreamers

Trails Of Troubles

Record Label Dream Records / DR 0494001

Year of production 1994

1. Shark's Bay
2. Trails Of Troubles
3. The Ball
4. The Dogs Are Barkin'
5. Shine Your Light On Me
6. Another Day
7. Waitin' For The Sunrise
8. Bad Girl
9. Talk To Your Daughter