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Just Look What You Have Done

Richard Koechli & Blue Roots Company

Just Look What You Have Done


Performers Richard Koechli (guitars, vocals, slide guitar)
Blue Roots Company
- Michael Dolmetsch (hammond)
- David Zopfi (bass)
- Fausto Medici (drums)
- Heini Heitz (acoustic guitar)
- Dani Lauk (flute)

Composers Richard Koechli

Date of recording at about 2018



Richard Koechli, Blue Roots Company


Record Label Fontastix / Fontasix 323857

Year of production 2018

2. Wing Ding Shuffle
3. I Got Life
5. Le jardin de tes sens   
7. Of em gliche Grond schtah
8. Blue Collar Worker
9. Pedro
10. The Unsung King - Tampa Red
11. I Had A Friend
12. Mother Nature
13. Etat d'urgence
14. You Can't Judge A Book By Looking At The Cover
15. Irish Man
16. Merci