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Black Bottom

Manny Albam

Black Bottom


Performers Manny Albam (leader)
Nick Travis (trumpet)
Jimmy Nottingham (trumpet)
Billy Byers (trombone)
Bob Brookmeyer (valve trombone)
Al Cohn (tenor sax)
Sol Schlinger (baritone sax)
Milt Hinton (double bass)
Osie Johnson (drums)

Composers Ray Henderson Buddy DeSylva Lew Brown Manny Albam

Date of recording 24 December 1955

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The Jazz Workshop

Nick Travis, Joe Newman, Manny Albam

The Jazz Workshop

Record Label RCA Victor / 74321591572

Year of production 1998

1. Anything Goes
2. Headstrong
4. The Changing Scene
5. The Turning Point
6. Charmaine
7. Diga Diga Doo
8. Royal Garden Blues
9. Swingin' On A Star = Swingin' On A Star
10. Intermezzo
11. Ferris Wheel
12. Urbanity