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Nature Boy

Ori Dagan

Nature Boy


Performers Ori Dagan (vocals)
Mark Kieswetter (piano)
Nathan Hiltz (guitar)
Ross McIntyre (double bass)

Composers Eden Ahbez

Date of recording at about 2017

Programme schedule

Played last 06/02/2018 09:36

Played next around 04/03/2018 at about 04:00


Nathaniel - A Tribute To Nat King Cole

Ori Dagan, Sheila Jordan, Alex Pangman, Jane Bunnett

Nathaniel - A Tribute To Nat King Cole

Record Label ScatCat Records / ODCD03

Year of production 2017

1. Lillette
2. Sting of the Cactus
4. Sweetheart
5. Straighten Up and Fly Right
6. Keep It Simple
7. Bibimbap
8. Pretend
9. Complexion
10. Darling je vous aime beaucoup
11. El Bodeguero
12. Unforgettable