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Daily Bread

Markus Hofstetter & Andreas Müller

Daily Bread


Performers Markus Hofstetter (guitars)
Andreas Müller (percussion, keyboards, bass, drums, programming)

Composers Markus Hofstetter Andreas Müller

Date of recording at about 2017

Programme schedule

Played last 07/02/2018 03:25

Played next around 20/02/2018 at about 01:45


Father. InspirationNowVol.5

Inspiration Now, Markus Hofstetter, Andreas Müller

Father. InspirationNowVol.5

Record Label Cworks Music GmbH / CW777.57

Year of production 2017

1. Father
2. Heaven
3. Holy
4. Your Kingdom
5. Thy Will Be Done
7. Forgiveness
8. Temptation
9. Deliver Us
10. Power
11. Glory
12. Eternity