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The Duke

Swiss Youth Jazz Orchestra feat. Ryan Quigley, Marques Young, Jeremy Monteiro & Rudi Engel

The Duke


Performers Swiss Youth Jazz Orchestra
- Mathieu Bitz (alto sax)
- Felix Piringer (tenor sax)
- Gergö Szax (trumpet)
- Dmitry Zinakov (trumpet)
- Ivan Akatov (trumpet)
- Sebastian Wey (trombone)
- Silvio Benz (bass trombone)
- Fabian Tschopp (flute)
- Sofie Schindelholz (bass clarinet)
- Riccardo Ooms (guitar)
- Jérémy Lenoir (keyboards)
- Loris Di Marco (drums)
Billy Cobham (drums)
Ryan Quigley (trumpet)
Marques Young (trombone)
Jeremy Monteiro (keyboards)
Rudi Engel (double bass)
Bobby Watson (soprano sax, alto sax)
Fritz K Renold (leader)

Composers Dave Brubeck Gil Goldstein

Date of recording 21 April 2017 (live)

Programme schedule

Played last 21/10/2018 03:53


Take Five

Swiss Youth Jazz Orchestra, Billy Cobham, Ryan Quigley, Marques Young, Jeremy Monteiro, Rudi Engel, Bobby Watson

Take Five

Record Label Shanti Records / SR 639 / 081617-10

Year of production 2017

1. Take Five   
2. Caravan   
5. In Your Own Sweet Way   
6. Admissions   
7. Steppin' Out With Dave   
9. Brubi's Blues   
10. Blue Rondo à La Turk