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Red Rose

Roy Haynes

Red Rose


Performers Roy Haynes (drums)
Barney Wilen (tenor sax)
Jay Cameron (baritone sax)
Jimmy Gourley (guitar)
Joe Benjamin (Double Bass)
Henri Renaud (piano)

Composers Christian Chevallier

Date of recording 26 October 1954


Transatlantic Meetings

Roy Haynes, Kenny Clarke

Transatlantic Meetings

Record Label Vogue / 74321115122

2. A mountain sunset
3. Laffin' and crying
4. Minor encamp = Jordu
5. Subscription
6. Dillon
7. Trianon
8. Kenny's special
9. Illusion
10. Love me or leave me
11. Cinerama
12. Vogue
13. Buyer's blues