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I Want You - Nataraj

Devi Reith

I Want You - Nataraj


Performers Devi Lisbeth Reith (vocals)
Raphael Jost (e-piano)
Pascal Rüegger (flute)
Levin Deger (guitar)
Thomas Hauser (e-bass)
Simon Krauer (drums)

Composers Devi Lisbeth Reith

Date of recording at about 2015


The World Is Sound

Devi Lisbeth Reith

The World Is Sound

Record Label Dreamshelter Music / DSN 007

Year of production 2015

1. Blue Indigo   
2. Breathing For Two   
3. Summer Sprinkles Of Morning Dew   
4. Sweet Water   
5. This Light   
7. 360° Perspektive
8. The Light Of The Day In The Night   
9. Hand My Life Over To The Four Leaf Clovers   
10. Nada Brahma   
11. The World Is Sound