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Who's Been Talking

Tcha Simmons

Who's Been Talking


Performers Tcha Simmons (vocals, guitar)
Christoph Baumann (keyboards)
Nic Niedermann (guitar)
Thom Wettstein (e-bass)
Eddie Walker (drums)

Composers Howlin' Wolf Tcha Simmons

Date of recording at about 2015


Blues, Soul N' Jazzy

Tcha Simmons, Vinzenz Kummer Band

Blues, Soul N' Jazzy

Record Label Eigenvertrieb / s.n.

Year of production 2015

1. Minutes
4. You Win Again
5. Run Me Down
6. But Funky
7. I Heard An Angel Cry
8. Folsom Prison
9. In A Mellow Tone
10. Do Nothing Till ... Me
11. You Can Do It
12. You Don't Know Me