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Big Band de Lausanne



Performers Thierry Lang (piano)
Johnny Griffin (tenor sax)
Big Band de Lausanne
Christian Gavillet (baritone sax, clarinet, alto sax)
Matthieu Michel (trumpet, flugelhorn)
William Holden (trumpet, flugelhorn)
Serge Wintsch (trumpet, flugelhorn)
Jean-Michel Pélichet (trumpet, flugelhorn)
Vincent Lachat (trombone)
Bernard Trinchan (trombone)
Nestor Beney (trombone)
Jean-Pierre Beltrami (bass trombone)
Michel Weber (clarinet, alto sax, flute)
Yvan Ischer (soprano sax, alto sax)
Claude Montandon (tenor sax)
Corinne Juillerat (tenor sax)
Frédéric Letté (baritone sax)
Antoine Ogay (double bass)
Marcel Papaux (drums)

Composers Johnny Griffin Prof. Andy Harder

Date of recording 4 December 1989 - 6 December 1989

Programme schedule

Played last 11/06/2018 16:00

Played next around 25/06/2018 at about 08:50


A Monk's Dream

Johnny Griffin, Christian Gavillet, Thierry Lang, Yvan Ischer, William Holden, François "Cesco" Buttet, Véronique Piller, Big Band de Lausanne

A Monk's Dream

Record Label Plainisphare / PL 1267-49 CD

Year of production 1990