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After Hours

Walter Trout feat. Deacon Jones

After Hours


Performers Walter Trout (Elektrogitarre, guitar)
Deacon Jones (hammond)
Rick Knapp (e-bass)
Richie Hayward (drums)

Composers Erskine Hawkins

Date of recording 21 January 2006 - 8 March 2006


Full Circle

Walter Trout, Deacon Jones

Full Circle

Record Label Ruf Records GmbH / RUF 1117

Year of production 2006

1. She Takes More Than She Gives
2. Workin' Overtime = Workin' overtime
3. Firehouse Mama
4. Who's Listenin' In = Who's listenin' in
5. Slap Happy
6. Wrapped Around Your Finger
7. A Busy Man
8. Highway Song
9. When Will It Ever Change
10. Can't Help Falling Apart
12. Clouds On The Horizon
13. Full Circle